Conscience and Nonsense

(their first website.)

A sampling of the Terrific Trio and their awesome friends! (by Nate Hyatt)

All these comics can be scaled on your desktop to be shown in the ideal size ;0)

“One Day I Will Publish a Book Showing What My Comics Used to Look Like Back in the Day.”

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even I have a hard time looking at this. Fighting through mental illness was part of my struggle and it showed in my inability to deal with things like finishing a piece. Depression sucks. Also, my hands used to shake from some of the medication I was taking.

Here’s a comic from I don’t know when, but some time in the early 2000’s. I was always resistant to dating them and now I wish I had.

$2.75 is actually not a lot of money.


Random Silliness

Quiet on the Set!!

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